Saturday, June 14, 2008

Some stats from Firefox 3 Download Day

Download DayDid you pledge in Firefox 3 Download Day 2008? For me, I'm very interest on the world map, where I know how many people pledge to download Firefox 3 on the first day in each country or region. To have a more detail view, I wrote an AppJet webapp to visualize the data.

Here is the URL:

We can see that besides US, Poland has the second most pledges, followed by Brazil, France and Italy.

If we count the population factor, among the regions which population greater than 1 million, Slovenia has the highest support rate - 0.25% of Slovenian promise to download Firefox 3 in the first day of release. Estonia and Poland are not far behind, has 0.23% and 0.22% respectively.

The data by some means reflecting the Internet penetrating rate in these countries. For example, Bangladesh and Nigeria, which population greater than 100 million, have only 500 and 200 pledges respectively. Most Africa countries fill up the bottoms. Ethiopia is the worst, only 70 out of 77,127,000 people pledged.

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