Thursday, November 20, 2008

Better Mobile Twitter version 3

Better Mobile TwitterJust finish the version 3 of Better Mobile Twitter greasemonkey script. You can install in

Better Mobile Twitter is to enhance the user experience in Twitter's mobile version, with the following features:
  • Automatically load the next page when scrolling to bottom of the page (similar to Google Reader)
  • Count the characters remaining as you typing
  • Check for new tweets in background
  • Wider input box
  • An on/off button so you can turn off the auto-next-page function to access the links in the bottom of the page
You can see how it works in the video below.

Firefox users can first install the Greasemonkey add-on, install the script from, then point your browser to

Chrome users need to download the nightly build of Chromium, put the script in c:\scripts and run Chrome with command-line "chrome.exe --enable-greasemonkey", or create a shortcut for it.

You can take a look on my other greasemonkey scripts in my user page in

Friday, November 14, 2008

Google Reader Unread Count version 4 supports Chrome

I rewrite the Google Reader Unread Count user script to support Chrome (i.e. Chromium nightly build). And fix the bug that cannot display the '+' sign if any one single feed has more than 1000 unread items.

Get the update from

There is a major difference of Greasemonkey support in Firefox and Chrome. In Firefox, your user script is put in a separated context. That's why you should use unsafeWindow to refer to the webpage's context. In Chrome, otherwise, is put in same context of the webpage. This introduce name conflicts in the script. For example, I added the famous $(id) function in my script which overrides the original $ function in Google Reader and makes it broken. To solve it I put everything in my own namespace to avoid the conflict.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Google Reader Unread Count version 3

Someone reported that my Google Reader Unread Count user script doesn't work since 28-Oct (I'm busy keeping my unread items below 1000 so I didn't notice that it is broken). I made up a version 3 to fix this problem and another bug that didn't count the untagged feeds.

Get the update from

In addition, I include this script to my greasemonkey collections project (ellab-gm) in Google Code. Please check out my other scripts.