Saturday, September 29, 2007

Greasemonkey script to show actual unread count in Google Reader

I subscribed over 200 feeds in Google Reader. And for some reason I did not login for a week, guess what? I have thousands of unread items. At the old days, Google Reader displayed "100+" unread items which is absolutely not enough for most users. After upgrading, it improved. Now it displays "1000+" as unread items count. It is enough for most cases, but not this one.

I start clearing the articles. After a few hours I loss the motivation. The unread count is always "1000+" and I don't know when can I finish. I don't know the target. I need to know the exact unread items count. So I wrote a Greasemonkey script to calculate the actual unread count.

Install the script in

After installed the script, you can see a button (the Google Reader icon) besides the unread count, click on it will do the calculation and update the unread count with the actual number. Note that it will ignore any duplicated entries.

This is not the best solution. It doesn't auto-update, you have to click it every time. But at least you can get the count and you shouldn't use it every day.

7-Nov-2008 update:
Version 3 released to fix the layout changed from Google. Details here.

13-Nov-2008 update:
Version 4 released to support Chrome. Details here.