Thursday, December 18, 2008

ESPN FBA Player Rater userscript

For Fantasy Basketball lover! A small Greasemonkey script that show more information in ESPN FBA Player Rater page:
  • Positional ranking (PRK)
  • % owned
  • Average draft position (ADP)
Not very useful, but is funny for you to locate the sleepers and dusts. Watch Nene jump from ADP 96 to rank 21, Duhon from ADP 122 to 29 and Millsap from undrafted to 31.
Down to the table, you will feel sorry for the owners of Marion (11.5 to 72), Iverson (11.3 to 85) and Brand (17.2 to 111).
Install and download from  It supports Firefox and Chrome (Chrome users please read this post).

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Chrome 1.0 (not Chromium) supports Greasemonkey now

ChromonkeyGoogle Chrome 1.0 supports Greasemonkey.  You can use Google Reader Unread Count and Better Mobile Twitter in Chrome now.

To enable Greasemonkey in Chrome, download and install the latest Chrome. Right click your Chrome shortcut, add "--enable-greasemonkey" to the end of the "Target" box (see below).  Finally, you have to put the scripts in the folder "C:\scripts\" and the script files' extension must be ".user.js".

Friday, December 5, 2008

Google Reader has new look

Google Reader has new look.  I like the collapsible section so I can free more space for the feed list.  And I'm please to tell you that my Google Reader Unread Count greasemonkey script still works for new look.  Enjoy it.